Williams Sold for USD 1.19

And the big spender was me! I was pleasantly surprised to find TWO pucks of Williams on the shelf at Kinney Drug, and the price returned to the normal range. I purchased ONE. I imagine Combe and Kinney gave each other a reassuring nod over there in upstate NY, after the recent financial news, and kept their faith in the real world. A billion dollars for DSC (I believe the article said, not profitable?) is the capitalists' bet that you can't learn to shave.

So I guess these little white chips of soap are our last stand. All in! For your investment, expect at least six months' worth of lather. I still can't kill the thin film clinging to my bowl bottom. The quantity of lather, from a light brushload (canopy full) of soapy water was truly ridiculous today. I wonder if all the things I've put in there over the past year have turned it into something else, after all. But I'll have to be patient and wait another week, probably, before the darkening crystal exudes the last of its power.

Meanwhile, the Shark quit after about a week and a half, on a really good note, just becoming too much hassle for a barely-close shave. Although this is the time range where Personna just starts losing its keenness, I remain impressed by this sharp blade. It seems that when I've been slumming on the dull side, I've actually been putting my skin at MORE risk, not less, since those always finish with distressed skin. I can see some scars here, but it's more like BiC Sensitive -- blade never touched me. Nothing wrong with that!

Today's disappointment was finding that the little white bottle of witch hazel at Dollar Tree is (and may always have been) 14% Isopropyl alcohol, like the large bottles they used to have. That's going to put a wrench in my product development scheme. Hey, Combe, Inc... wink-wink... 1/1000th of a billion would probably buy my soul outright. Good deal...

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