Shark Seems Sharp

So I'm back to Williams, and have got a couple shaves on one of the Shark Super Chrome blades that came with "Ruby." It seems like one of the sharper blades, because I can't generate sufficient traction to keep the stubble from planting itself in my fingerprint, much less a cotton ball. The neck shave is great -- that's a natural steep angle spot. The cheeks are what I miss.

I'm trying to think of a way to repay the frustration of these sharp blade trials, to the advocates of skin planing. It's probably alum.

More productively, I took what I learned about moisturizer and applied the principle where it didn't make sense. After shaving with Williams, I could rinse with water and happily walk away, but I gave it the moisturizer, then dilute splash treatment today.

Speaking of splash -- my Dollar Tree didn't have the blue splash stocked, last time I visited. It seemed like green and blue variants were being combined into the one "Macho" label, to my nose. Maybe time to stockpile?

As soon as my face was dry, it was relaxed and dry to the touch. It may be too dry, even. I'd use pumpkin juice in place of the alcohol, but not with all this sunshine. I know -- cocoa butter!


  1. This is where I got the Palmolive shave stick at on ebay.

    1. Excellent! Not that Williams is drying, if I lose the alcohol and put some oil down beforehand. I got some fancy witch hazel before Father's day, and somehow hid it on myself. Par for the course around here.