Faces Are Friends, Not Food

The Shark swung around to strike when its keen edge wore off, after a few shaves. This aggression seemed equal in magnitude to the lack of traction it had previously exhibited, and manageable. But there was a scary moment on the upper lip, where I made a mistake and just got lucky, so I moved it to the Merkur 41C (1904 open comb).

It's a bit of work to get a close shave now. Personna is the right DE blade for my hair, my skin, and most importantly, my approach to shaving: I use each blade until it cannot be used anymore. The present combination might be considered a "good pairing," though, if I believed in that. Light abrasion can be balanced against adequate closeness, and it seems like the steel is good enough to last, for the right person, other than me.

There was yet enough play in the variables that I could skip pumpkin juice today, and try an all-cheapskate shave. Shave Secret oil, Dollar Tree clear gel, moisturizer, and blue aftershave, all supporting a well-worked, massive Williams lather. The gel didn't feel right, very much counteracting the oil cleanse, swelling skin perceptibly. I expected diminished hair softening with the alcohol content, but it was mostly there, I'd guess 70%, which I think is a repeat result. Blade progress was smooth; evening stubble, velvety.

The gel has aloe in it, but I now realize, that isn't the right product to experiment with if you're curious about hair softening alternatives. I'd get the drinkable aloe juice from Wal-mart and make a popsicle out of it.

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