That's Odd

Oxalates are said to be a stomach irritant, but what I felt after eating pasta with creamed weed sauce, last week, was a prolonged period of hunger. Yes, peristalsis was in overdrive, but I felt that my abdomen was strengthened, much as it had been by a dilute slurry of bentonite clay.

With clay, abdominal strength gave way to a rebound in belly rotundness, and I may be in the process of repeating that mistake. But this is a little different. I went right for the worst snacks last time, both salty and sweet. This time, I mostly just enjoyed food more, and drank soda more than pigging out. But here's the weird thing: my pee turned colorless over the weekend. The kidneys have definitely become involved.

I still think it may be a good thing. Men my age excrete creatinine as the muscle breaks down -- so I was told during an employment physical once -- and that's not good for the ol' back-beans. (Pectorals turning into flabby man-boobs, though... one can hardly think of anything more disgusting.)

In terms of the imaginary calcium-acid matrix I'm living in at the moment, what I'm seeing is the opposite of what happened to the plants that created the oxalate. In an ammonia-rich environment, they produce less oxalate, I've read. Ammonia... that's what carbamide turns into... they must be talking about animal or microbial waste, also. I think I've been metabolizing protein and even some muscle in order to handle the hard water, since we moved here... but with the addition of oxalate to my diet, that suddenly wasn't a problem.

So, yeah, I can see how this could mess with one's kidneys, anyway, and I am now appropriately concerned. My kids, who howled in protest at the new pasta, then tried it and loved it, subseqently went crazy for chicken, and also claimed to be hungry at the end of meals, over the weekend. It took a day at Grandma's on the Fourth to satiate us all. Perhaps the pizza model, where the weeds are more of a seasoning, is the correct portion.

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