It's Winter

The season started unofficially today, with a heap of wet snow deposited by snowplow in my driveway. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered, for three inches of rain-wet and melting. I should have dragged the propane grill around front before this, but I had hoped the ground would freeze first. Gambled and lost.

My little workout did teach me some things about exfoliation, though. I casually scratched at a seborrheic keratosis on my neck, and the bulk of it was scraped off. I went to the mirror and gave the one on my cheek the same treatment. Crude, but effective: first time I've seen that one perceptibly shrink. I haven't been keeping up with the oil/Vit. D treatment, either, since the cosmetically important ones all fell off. This was the hydraulic power of sweat alone.

I've often referred to "fracking" in relation to surface applications. What is its natural counterpart in geological processes? Whatever it is, the metaphor was evident after my shower, when my entire "T" zone was flaking, the worst of it next to my nose. I powdered it lightly with bentonite clay, and wet the same area with a cloth. The clay, microscopically reconstituted, served as invisible glue, concealing the damage instantly.

In retrospect, I should have put on some pumpkin juice and baking soda serum, some Arko, and gone for a half-natural perfect shave. Unfortunately, there will  be many more opportunities to test that over the winter. Today I did my first pass in the shower with bath soap, and ATG after the shower with KMF-VDH croap. Trying to break in that old Ever-Ready 250D.

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