Double Down on the Oil Cleanse

Perfect shave trial #7 attempted to skew the hydration to hair with essentially a double oil cleanse: cetaphil, then shaving oil. Just a pinch of baking soda before the first lather was then supposed to pop the hair open to receive Stirling's glycerin. Oh, and I had taken my 1000 IU D3 supplement earlier -- to be a new routine for winter, as I am tolerating it well.

No magic this time. It was all very familiar, resulting in BBS and just enough neck irritation to be detected with the alum block. Two passes would have been DFS, but the oil allowed me to sort of shave to a kind of stalemate, where my skin couldn't take any more, and the hair couldn't rise any more, but the blade never went silent. I just had to find the discipline to skim on water and stop shaving.

The double oil cleanse did enhance a proven approach to my oily skin. Oil and artisan soap make a good pairing. It's just nothing new, or especially easy.

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