Going Deep

If I could bring baking soda to the very root of the hair without macerating my face, that would give the hair a jump in hydration. Upon rising, I applied pumpkin juice as an attempt at deep skin defense, and also popped a 1000 IU D3 pill. After breakfast, I shaved. First an oil cleanse, for outer skin defense. Then I put baking soda ahead of carbamide, hoping to employ osmotic propulsion to reach my aim in the follicles, on a path of least resistance. KMF-VDH croap would ensure eventual skin plumping via the cellular pathway, however.

Trial 6 Results

Three passes almost achieved blade silence. Hair on the contralateral cheek -- where I start shaving -- was still coming up, so I hit it a little harder when I skimmed elsewhere. Sort of a three and a half-pass shave. When I approached the mirror to examine the skin surface after rinsing, I saw broken skin, but it wasn't chipped. It was macerated, an entire layer laying like wet rice paper on the surface. I could not recall ever seeing this before, but chose Florida Water to dehydrate it so I could apply some oil. Only after some time was it dry enough to try rubbing on some Dollar Tree moisturizer, which didn't exactly sting, but it could be felt.

Gosh, I think I used everything but alum and Noxzema this time! The shave was very close, approaching 3/4 baby butt-ness, but doesn't look very clean. And I don't think I can really live with light chapping, as winter begins in earnest.

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