Bath-ackward Shave

Perfect shave trial #9 pitted moisturizer against water itself, in the hope that it would protect the skin from full hydration somehow. It did not.

Upon rising, I applied Dollar Tree's "Lubricating" as preshave, flushing the natural alternative. I think I had tried this before, but in the amateur way of not wiping it off entirely before lathering, or soaking it off with a wet towel. I also reasoned that showering after the shave would wash away the chemicals my face was so eagerly absorbing. For soap, plain ol' Williams.

It seemed like a success at first. Very clean, very close. I caught more hair than I expected, because the previous shave had been pretty close, too. I didn't notice a great range of pitch angles, but the blade is pretty old. So I will say the hair was well hydrated. And I was able to shave to completion, rather than guessing when to stop for the sake of my skin.

But after the shower, hair had re-sprouted nearly everywhere below the jawline, and the damage there proved unacceptable as well. I don't think the irritation had to do with prep so much as some experimental strokes ATG -- I ought to know the actual orientation of my hair roots everywhere by now, but I guess I don't.

Conclusion: 3-in-1 it is, not 4.

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