Bentonite Clay: Too Drying?

It's hard to believe. I reached specifically for something with glycerine to help me out this evening, Dermasil lotion, to be used as an oil cleanse. My face was burning a little, but I didn't know why: I saw the NMF intact this morning, I thought, just before applying alum and aftershave. Yes, I had some difficulty restraining myself, and did a full shave with a new Astra SS, a blade that has burned me before. But it seemed a good one.

There was one odd thing: I smelled ammonia when applying my pumpkin juice and baking soda hair-hydrating serum. It worked as usual. Actually, I can almost smell it now, having applied straight pumpkin juice after the oil cleanse. But there's no way any carbamide solution could get into this chunk of ice. I gave that up some time ago, and now melt a good bit of the pumpkin-sicle directly into my palm nearly every day.

My forehead this evening was visibly chapped, whereas the beard area was not. Now that area had received less pumpkin juice, only at bedtime. I did give it an even dusting with the bentonite this morning, though.

The powder is proving to be very interesting. It seems to have the power to work the paracellular moisturizing pathway backward, sucking fluid to the surface. Urea could well be a prominent component of such fluid. Thus healing lesions that look too dry, flaking or cracked; but it could have fracking power equal and opposite to glycerine. Indeed, this forehead chapping looks much like after swimming in chlorine, and that's the other time I reach for glycerine products.

I guess I can't take the powder so lightly... but I may have found a better natural resource for urea.

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