DEvette vs. DF-813

Well, I had to know: which shaves best? My half-sider DEvette is a Baili Victory cutting head with one safety bar completely removed. As it was stored with a travel Tech handle, I went with that yesterday, and shaved as close as I could. The beginning reduction with the intact side was most auspicious. Immediately I missed the Tech-style efficient reduction, way more solid feeling than the flimsy, over-exposed edge of the Dragonfeng.

Then, with the unguarded side, things got a little harsh; there was blood. Considering the previous day's weeper, I was not deterred. Alum told the story, though: this damage was not restricted to spots. I've had worse shaves; I didn't suffer throughout the day. But I wasn't enjoying the feels. Gains in closeness were minimal, and definitely not worth it.

This morning, back to the Long Feng. I did a new prep with pumpkin juice, shaving oil, and a hot towel, whch felt amazing, much deeper than just oil. Good thing, too, since I found that Dollar Tree moisturizer for post-shave. I face lathered KMF for a change, but maintained the extra pre-soak on lather. As usual, the molten stubble feeling continued to elude me. But, neither did I feel it necessary to use short strokes, casually plowing through the reduction.

I've been having doubts about second pass. I've found more confirmation in old Gillette instructions for my tension-alignment theory, where it is advised to simply stroke in the least painful direction. But today I was more open than usual to the possibility that that COULD be XTG, especially under my jaw.

Didn't save me any strokes: still took three and a half passes to get BBS. It's a little shadier than the DEvette, but pretty much the same idea. The technique is the same, and the result is more comfortable. So I've made my decision: I'm through with the DEvette.

Well, almost. It will be the subject of a final experiment to see whether preserving the corners of the safety bar makes a difference.

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