Dangerous Shave with a Safe Razor

Completing a series of shaves based on recent "Shave Like Grandad" posts, I overclocked my Slim and for the first time, shaved with it in that configuration. Setting "5" in that upper range is well beyond my standard two shims in the Rimei, and with a well-worn Rapira SS, a tad too bitey, catching some loose neck skin for a (manageable) cut.

I had accumulated pretty good evidence that the lower range of settings is "factory" correct, when I acquired the razor. I did a new search for this endeavor, and found that the instructions actually glossed over the issue. The range adjustment was simply not addressed, and while most instructions clearly picture the razor in lower range, this one has a diagram with both ranges pictured:
Comparing my razor to the diagram, I deduce that the "1" is in lower range, while the "9" is in upper range. I don't know German, but I'm pretty sure they didn't explain that in the text!

The history that emerges, in my opinion, is that the design was intended for range adjustment, but the marketing department didn't know what to advise. Well, let me tell you: if you need greater gap, for low-angle shaving and comfort, make the adjustment. But don't adjust any higher than you need. Based, for example, on the experience of others... lol.

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