Safe Shave with a Dangerous Razor

Trying Doug Hansford's recipe for a "Blue-Ribbon" shave was an unusual exercise in discipline for me, really showing up the liberties I've been taking with excess strokes and inadequate hydration. But since first reading about the two-razor approach, I've thought back to the half-sider DEvette and using the guarded side first.

Today I tried to split the difference using the Long Feng DF-813. It shaves much like a Tech with one of the guards cut off. The corners are covered, like the best examples of DEvette handicraft. But because of the greater blade flex, the low angle ATG isn't really so low. And you have to pitch back on the WTG to keep it from being steep angle -- there is no truly, fully guarded reduction.

It was going so well after one pass WTG that I thought I could keep it WTG above the jaw and still be close enough to improve on the recipe. I only improved on the comfort, though.

Oh, well. Who doesn't like a can of ravioli once in awhile? Stay tuned for the next great epiphany, though. It's in my worst subject: chemistry.

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