Flea Marketers Will Save The World

I was overwhelmed by birthday tributes this year, especially Amazon gift cards. I took it as an opportunity to survey the shaving goods, to see what's up on the low end of the market, even though I can't really afford any more inventory, and whether they found any reliable third-party sellers for the Rimei. Doesn't seem so, but the old version is still available as the "Concord," if you're willing to take the gouge at $10.45. Interestingly, Wet Shaving Products and Schmidt reversed their prices for the very good R10/El Grande R89/Edwin Jagger clone. Compare carefully, and some models of "Perfecto" seem to have the same cutting head.

I wonder who's going out of business first. Due to my sudden wealth, I was taking the guided tour, which may have given me the wrong impression. But after 46 pages of "relevant," as opposed to my accustomed "lowest price" route, everything seemed jacked to what I would consider suckers-only prices. (Even with a C-note burning a hole in my pocket.) The only hardware I could find to blow my birthday dough on was a travel set including the Pearl/Cadet four-piece razor. When I went to check it on Shave-a-Buck is when I became truly alarmed. Gone!

It seems to me that the "Traditional Shaving" social media marketing party I crashed when I started shaving DE is beginning to wind down. That conclusion jibes with my flea marketing experience, too, at a different socioeconomic level. The real-world presentation of fairly priced products is also non-sustainable.

Another razor caught my eye at Amazon: the Long Feng clone of Yuma, which seems to have all the cheapness and entertainment value, without the ugly stamp on the top cap. Vendor wanted more than $13! I almost fell for it, too -- I had to cancel when I woke up this morning. Went over to Aliexpress and got a dozen coming on a slow boat, for only about twice the money.

None too soon, with the bad financial news coming from overseas. Look at the bright side, though. Capitalists ruined shaving before. They may do it again. But when the last one has dove off his hi-rise, the taobao and flea marketers, consignment and antique stores will remain. Let's just agree now not to bomb any blade factories, no matter what happens.

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