Long Feng Strikes Again

The Long Feng DF-813's ridiculous exposure is good at steep angle shaving, too, and today I went for two close shaves in a row, WTG-ATG-ATG except a few spots that like it steep. Really very much like shaving with a DEvette.

Since I went with cheap/homemade last time, I stepped it up a notch with Noxzema (like) preshave and Kiss My Face Moisture Shave prepared in a bowl, again "backing off" the first lather with a soaked towel for maximum hydration.

I wasn't really sure how it was going after two passes. I had hit a weeper over my throat. The hair didn't seem extra soft or anything, and I could clearly feel the blade taking skin. But I went for it anyway. A third pass got all that the razor was capable of getting, except spots along the jawline, which were silenced with a reasonable number of touch-up strokes. This is the kind of shave where I don't feel any hair for 3-5 hours, as opposed to the fleeting smooth of yesterday.
Better than alum was Florida water, applied full strength for some healthy burn, but soaked down and sponged off just the same. Then I put a little faith in industry for the finish with Dollar Tree moisturizer, expecting the burn sooner rather than later.

But it didn't happen. Shaving closer felt better in every way. I broke a sweat with some unexpected yard work, and while that did put a halt to my faceturbation momentarily, it didn't sting. I simply reapplied moisturizer after the shower.

Perhaps the squarest cut is achieved below skin level, whether due to slight changes in blade pitch, or support from the skin. Or maybe, some commercial products really do what they claim.

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