Step Aside, Soldier

Parker 87R "Ruby" heard what I said about the slant, and quietly noted her objection. Not based on any assumption regarding cast: the gentlelady once already bested the popular hero.

Nor would she insist on perfection herself. With the same prep of Williams and cold water, stubs were left barely palpable, stroking ATG. But clearly, the blade was not "finished." No, sir. Penetrating the follicles of only the stiffest hairs left less shadow and more comfort, serving more than adequately the needs of the territory.

After a delicate balm of mostly moisturizer tinged with blue splash, the skin even felt smoother, less insulted by this tact than it had been by the previous razor's tactical advantage.


  1. Another nice shave today, spoiling myself a little with Tabac. The first pass couldn't reach skin, but Ruby still got there in three passes and some skimming. There is a capability in the Gillette design which the slant lacks.

    I think is analogous to that ESP button (Electronic Stability Program?) on your car, specifically relating to traction. If your minivan is not going anywhere in the snow, it's often not because the wheels are spinning, but because the computer isn't ALLOWING them to spin. So you have to turn it off in certain situations. I've heard that Alaskans just leave the damn thing off!

  2. "Whatevs," said Stella (BD-177), combining the WTG efficiency of the slant with a gentle second pass and twist-adjusted, finish. "I can do anything that other ho do." Yeah, not quite as refined; love watching her work, though.

  3. The Original, black-handled Super Speed stepped gave it a try today, with Pre de Provence No. 63, and easily delivered a shave very much like the slant had, before the blade got "dull." I could see some shadow in my upper lip, but a solid DFS, despite a prep KNOWN to leave my hair fairly hard -- "Ayyyyyy!"

  4. VDH deluxe, Shave Secret, Maggard 22mm knot synthetic brush, MR1 razor, Racer stainless blade, Pinaud Clubman, And Nivea balm for sensitive skin. Perfect Shave!

    1. Liking that Deluxe, eh? It's been awhile for me. Tabac is showing itself to be a standout. There's something gelatinous about it... and it's in that family of powder scents.