Chinese 62mm Shavette Blade

I thought from the pictures that it might fit my Sedef, but it extends a bit beyond the holder, toward the grip. Also, the depth isn't right; you can sink the edge all the way in. But it was pinched good enough to stay; I've never run anything through the holder to loosen it up or anything.

Best shavette shave ever! I like how it combines DE cheapness/efficiency with the larger corner radius of the Personna long hair shaper blade. And it isn't too picky, which I presume is a strength of the notoriously "dull" Dovo long blade. (Draw strokes, idiots.) I still got away with digging pretty hard straight ATG, blade near flat against the skin. Just going three passes without a weeper is remarkable, for me.

Still shit compared to DE, IMO, but if you like straights, you need to know. I'm sure the usual channels will totally ignore this, because there's no ridiculous profit to con anyone out of. Not that I'm endorsing this product, but the razors do exist, FYI:

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