HUMBUG! After spending several minutes tentatively plucking at my chin with a Chinese Tondeo-style blade (second use), I finished the pass unsatisfied.

Then I picked up the Tech with it's "dull" Wilkinson Sword. There were only a few spots that the shavette actually shaved, where the DE didn't catch anything WTG. Then, the traditional XTG skim, just evening things out, for an all-around "velvety" shave. My grandfather's shave.

99% of the time, daily, I would rather shave ATG and get as close as possible, to the extent my skin can bear. But, knowing the condition of the blade, and having just struggled with the shavette, I appreciated SAS like never before. What a simple and effective tool is the DE razor! I'm as giddy as a schoolboy!

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  1. A stick of Erasmic made its way to my stocking, and I immediately relegated my croap to under the sink, so that every color in my shaving rainbow can be occupied by low-glycerin shaving soap. Way harder to dial in than Tabac, seems like an underperformer. British version of Williams?

    Day after Xmas: the bad ideas inevitably came back. Wife got me a rack of just-like Ralph Lauren (Polo) samplers, and while the "red" is pretty close to what I'm wearing, I associate green (original) with scent abuse happening around me in my youth.

    Time to get over it. I like Palmolive Classic pretty well... what about my old scheme to get liquid perfume scents into Williams lather? I'm loving the Dollar Tree/Big Lots scuttle lately. Two drops of glycerin and a single spray of "green adventure" before the protolather-loaded brush gave me lather that wouldn't quit, but it still smelled like Williams. Citronella. Weird. I used the glycerin slickness to take extra, light passes with the Tech, and three sliding directions over the same skin on the first pass. Near BBS.The perfume mixed perfectly well with Dollar Tree balm. (Haven't seen that for sale lately. Just like Lubriderm Men's 3-in-1, I think.)

    Burn was evident after a few hours. Not tossing the blade, just staying WTG (well, sliding different directions) until 2017. The Travel Tech will be traveling with me to the in-laws'.