1 Pack Personna blades
1 Razorock German 37 Torsionshobel
1 Synthetic shaving brush
1 Puck of Williams

Don't care to be a skilled expert, like me? Get just what you need, and still be smarter than 96% of everyone, with the "no pressure" setup above. (Maybe change Personna to Wilkies if you get your 5 o'clock shadow at noon, or are prone to ingrown hairs. Of course, if you already know a better blade for you, go with that.) When not getting overly intimate with evergreen trees, I've been shaving this way the past couple days, and it's finished that blade in a manner just as finely balanced, between light skin abrasion and shadow, as my years of discipline allow with Gillette types. Now I'm really thinking like Leisureguy: that's got to cover the most bases, or faces.

Why? Who cares?

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