The Ocean Within

Rakis, formerly desert planet Arakkis, home of the Fremen. Do you think those guys enjoy yard work, if not specifically raking?

Today I realized that I left out a major piece of the story arc in my concluding Disquisition, that will have to be edited. Why sweating was my first clue on this quest of the past couple years. After eating my oatmeal, and returning to the microwave to heat my scuttle, I took advantage of the otherwise wasted minute to do ten push-ups. Because I hadn't felt the wave of emollient fiber welling to the surface, as I had the first time. (It still wasn't distinct, and I didn't break a sweat, but that definitely got my blood pressure up.)

I also chose an extra-sucky oil cleanse (in the sense of drawing internal fluid) of charcoal face cleanser that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. Two drops of Shave Secret were then just compensating for dryness, really, though some of that got wiped, off, too, with a smear of Williams.

The Wilkinson Sword got transferred to the Super Speed for his bad behavior with Chaoying yesterday, and I can now say with confidence that the blade is a bit too sharp for me. But this was a fantastically effortless shave -- all I mean is, I can't safely get that edge into my follicles for BBS. Others have described it as a sharper Personna, and I agree. Perfectly smooth, great blade; I mean no criticism.

With my hair completely softened, first pass was totally efficient; I just had to keep it light on second and third. I don't think there even was a whole third pass, because I didn't dig, only skimmed, ATG. That's actually the kind of shave most men advocate anyway, by virtue of their softer hair. (I felt so un-violated by the high-flying blade that I tried a straight splash -- nope, that still stung. Skin still thin as it always was!)

So, I think it's bye-bye, bicarbonate, and with it, the problem of ammonia. I can get enough follicle pineconing from soap and sweat, working together, with a little fluid dynamic leverage. My little acid-base depot in the medicine cabinet will only need to be called upon in times of perceived imbalance.

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