Skin Too Soft

It wouldn't make a very good product name, but that's what coconut oil is turning out to be for me, in the long-term. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, as it was already suggested by one blogger, in the context of oil cleansing, to transition to plain water when the skin had reached "balance." Also, its acid nature was immediately evident to me. But I'm not willing to give it up so easily. For me, it has assumed the place that glycerin takes in most people's hearts. I know I should just be eating better, but it's so easy and convenient to just smear on this anti-fungal moisturizer...

Perhaps I could blame the splash I was mixing it with, for turning it into the marinade of my personal steak. So today I indulged in a warm, Williams lather, with pumpkin juice and Shave Secret for prep, a fairly fresh Personna blade in the black-handled Super Speed. A bowl of oatmeal and ten pushups to pump up the hair, no messing around with harsh serum. I still saw a weeper, but taking care turned around the recent trend of rough shaves.

Then, to get my "fix," I tried Humphreys, then coconut oil, then alum, to try trapping the substance at the surface. The splash sent a shock of Williams and chemicals into my face, I think, as my lips looked pale and sickly afterward. With judicious use of the wet towel, I was able to soak for a natural finish. Yet still, as soft as a (hairy) baby, I'm afraid.

The lather stole the show. I know not many people believe Williams to be capable of doing what I achieved, so note this carefully. Here is where a floppy badger or horse can shine, whipping around the inside of a scuttle or smallish lather bowl. I used a full brush load (not dripping) of water in the soap cup, and then, because the brush would not hold that much protolather, transferred the liquid protolather to the scuttle in two loads. Mixing took awhile longer than I'm used to, at least a full minute. But I was close enough to the ideal mix that heat "cured" the protolather, by evaporating excess water. Then, when the brush inflated, I knew the lather was done. But before that, I pre-treated my face with some unfinished foam, and backed it off with a wet towel when I was ready to put the finished lather on, preventing its tiny quantum of glycerin from fleeing into my face. Thus, my Williams could rival (hydrated) shaving cream in a can in superficial appearance, despite its lack of oily enrichment.

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  1. _FINISH HIM!_ Williams could not prevent a late night inflammed feeling, and it occurred to me that the chemical counterpart to raw coconut oil might be Noxzema. Holy crap, did that stuff absorb quickly! Yes, I needed that.

    I then dropped the bomb on my calluses, where it seemed equally absorbent, and had an unbelievably gross, but satisfying dermaplaning session with the Super Speed. (After rinsing lightly with a wet cloth.) Then, shocked the fungus again with more coconut oil. My face, which seemed merely tight and dry, received pumpkin juice and a wet cloth soak to get things back in order.