Project Pancakes Update

My betta test subject for oxalic acid vs. hard water, who seems to be recovering from air bladder damage, is off his ventral fins, but unable to lift off entirely. Will he go belly up, or be sailing freely soon? Nobody knows... pray if you don't believe in my "science," but I think he looks healthy. He's certainly hungry. My daughter fed him a few pellets this morning, and at lunch he just flared at me again, like, "That wasn't enough, dude! Let's make a run for the border!"

The bean thing actually didn't work out for him. He masticated one piece, then spit it out immediately. (Spinach juice did, however, make my old beans cook faster, such that when I went to check on them, the skin peeled back when I first blew on the spoon. I think I had a little pumpkin in there, as well. Could have been richer tasting; probably need to dilute the spinach more.)

I then tried soaking his pellets in spinach juice. Unfortunately, we don't have the floaty kind anymore, so that didn't work, either. I've just been hitting the water with some drops at feeding time on occasion, in the hope he ingests some by accident before it dilutes completely. I guess it's now time to make the investment, to try and accelerate him through this awkward stage.


An oxalis -- wood sorrel -- patch miraculously appeared in my yard, just as I was becoming interested in them. It is in the form of a circle, apparently where I had a brush pile for burning last year. So there you go, soap artisans: just pile some brush near the edge of a lawn, somewhere that wood sorrel grows naturally. Let it kill the grass, then have a bonfire (in a different spot) before snowfall. Next spring: instant sorrel patch, ready for experimentation. I bet it smells better than Arko!

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