Let's Try Again

If you missed my late-appended link from the last post:

I think vanishing cream really was perfected in the form of modern moisturizers. So here, in my opinion, is the best current representation of the archaic Ponds vanishing cream. Following an oil-less shave, splash with somewhat evaporated Witch Hazel, to get the alcohol content closer to the specified ~5%. (Remember, too, how Theron and the medicine man originally favored 3% in the extract.) Finish with Men's 3-in-1 Lubricating Moisturizer from Dollar Tree.

I'm backing off each of the applications with a wet cloth, while you probably won't have to. But that does give me a dry finish -- the counterintuitive effect of glycerin -- balanced by the tissue integrity and comfort of Witch Hazel. Normal people (should we call them "muggles"?) may also need to account for the chemical contents of their personal shave overall, to avoid going overboard with any one thing. On the other hand, I do recollect a video from Sharpologist.com, where the barber in Vegas advised against immediate application of moisturizer generally.

I would assert that the "penetration error" does generalize to normal people. In the preceding post, we traced it back to its unfortunate historical root. Here, we have translated to modern terms -- moisturizer -- and corrected that specific problem.

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