Farts In The Wind

All we are is farts in the wind... School's starting up again (real life), and my pathetic efforts on this blog are depressing me again. Despite great leaps in apparent robot readership: every time I post, I get 5 views instantly, with worldwide reach. Maybe I'm being translated? That would be cool. To be like Cheap Trick at Budokan...

Seriously, thank you very much for reading, and please don't take my mood as a lack of appreciation. Luckily, I stumbled across some heartening videos as I was playing with YouTube's screen casting function.
That practically proves that I am the greatest thinker in shaving! I also love that at least half of what I learned in college was wrong:

This should come as a relief to the students of an ad hoc subject, an art, like shaving. You probably should remain skeptical and disregard practically everything you read, or hear in videos, with a perfectly rational basis for doing so. But behind the screen, there is a burden, the cognitive dis-ease, which is not to be taken up lightly.

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