Skin Compaction

I got a shave that stayed smooth for more than twelve hours yesterday. I didn't succeed in softening the hair fully, giving pumpkin juice a third try with Stirling. Yet I got to the root, BBS all the way -- flawless, except for an odd abrasion in the soft triangle of the underjaw. How? I doubled down on the oil cleanse, following witch hazel solution (low alcohol) with a second cleanse with my homemade oil.

I believe that witch hazel acted primarily on the deeper, living epidermis, with its cell-shrinking astringent activity. Whereas shaving oil stripped the extra oil from between the non-living corneocytes, shrinking the stratum corneum. Pumpkin juice may have acted on my tissues as well, limited by the preceding oil, but let back in by a third preshave treatment, a wasted lather. I made absolutely certain osmotic pressure due to glycerin was equalized before applying the juice, this time, thinking that might have been a deactivating factor in hair softening.

Nope. But it wasn't terrible, either. If I hadn't cut myself, I would have believed the hair was soft enough. And the way some stubble seemed to re-emerge on third pass, but only on the side I start shaving, I think maybe the hair was softening, only slower than usual. My pumpkin juice actives seem to want to stick with the glycerin in solution (and skin).

Good amount of burn from Florida Water, but I think a normal degree for this severe closeness. Bottom line, I think witch hazel may have a place in the perfect shave, and Noxzema's days are numbered. It felt like operator error this time, and we're still waiting for the "good stuff" from Amazon.

Error in post leads to Hypochondria

I accidentally typed "nitrosamine" instead of "chloramine" in reference to smelly chlorine pool residues. Google revealed that the common tertiary amine in certain shaving creams AND my orange glycerin cleansing bar, triethanolamine, reacts with dichloramine to produce a suspected cancer-causing chemical of the type I had originally keyed.

I can't figure out if what I was doing was safe, based on what was written about wastewater treatment. I am hopeful, but I think my unused shaving soap is going to take that place in the gym bag from now on.

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