Mindful Inactivity?

I've been procrastinating so many things lately, I'd better get them organized. First, there was the plan to make a YouTube video. A nick on my chin has embarrassed me into delaying that project. I'm afraid it's the worst kind of red scar, like an acne mark, though I wouldn't have even described it as a divot initially. There's also a nasty, bruise-like thing on one of my shins, and I'm thinking I may have used the pumpkin juice on that. So to reiterate the warnings I've strewn throughout the blog here is another reason why: pumpkin juice is not good on injured skin. I think it's fine on razor burn, but not cuts or abrasions that bleed.

Maybe the oxalic acid research program will help me out, since it is basically an organic bleach. Wood bleach, to be exact, but it appears in skin lightening products, too. Lemon juice is the usual suggestion, and I notice the blood retreating from a dab of vinegar. Well, I think one site said oxalic acid is 10,000 times as strong as vinegar, so I'll be approaching this with some caution. On the other hand, I found out that "oxalis," the plant that gives it its name, is what I incorrectly call "sweet William," wood sorrel. A sour, clover-looking weed that grows in the shadows next to houses, also so rich in vitamin C that it can be used to make an alternative lemonade. I used to eat that stuff like candy when I was a wee lad, so perhaps any possible damage has already been done. Developmental damage. Could oxalic acid be my hero's flaw, my kryptonite? I made a summer alfredo-like sauce with some of the weeds from my garden and driveway, and I do feel pretty super. Like I got something I really needed... a feeling I get from beans, sometimes. I think it's my liver, or gallbladder, puking out some of the hereditary cholesterol.

We're in the fifth week of shaves on the same Personna (blue) blade now, which I think is a personal record, even before considering how much higher my standards have become lately. "Ruby," my new Parker 87R, sounds and feels like a much cheaper TTO razor, but keeps churning out BBS... or, as close as an incorrigible cotton ball killer can get to that, in my case. One time, I omitted the pumpkin juice and shaved with just (naked!) Williams. The shave was as close and smooth as using croap would have been, with a sharper blade. But it did stress the skin noticeably. Today I sliced off the blossom end of one of those shrink-wrapped cucumbers, and rubbed it over my beard in place of the juice. With a (great) Arko lather, the result was maybe 65% as good as pumpkin juice. So, if you don't want to go through the whole juice collection hassle, that's a good option. Travelers, even, could visit a salad bar somewhere.

I gave up flea marketing after Father's Day this year. Maybe the educational business plan can be developed at a later date. Even by non-economic standards, selling became a waste of time.

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