Pogonotomer's Cardio Diet

I stayed up late watching a good documentary movie, The Widowmaker. It describes how medicine and finance colluded for two decades to suppress a great diagnostic advance in the treatment of heart disease -- a scan for calcium deposits -- in favor of more lucrative stent surgery. I could easily have been one of the unwitting victims, and it's inspired me to make an appointment, because I've only had an echocardiogram. Which looked good, but that's kinda the point of the movie -- this other scan screens for the perfectly healthy people that are about to suddenly drop dead. (Not that I'm particularly healthy, either.)

One of the excuses used by the powerful, to exclude this screening as a reasonable medical expense, is that even if you see deposits, it doesn't point to a specific treatment. And in documented fact, one case was depicted celebrating that his score did not worsen, which I guess is the typical expectation until you actually get bypass surgery.

Now, I don't believe it's any mistake that the hair-softening effect I'm currently investigating correlates with the presence or absence of chelators (things that bind calcium) in shaving soap. Remember, also, that the crucial proteins involved in exfoliation, cadherins, are calcium-dependent adhesion proteins. In short: that damned calcium has been screwing up my shaves for years! And just as the stent inventor got his idea from a piece of metallic mesh wall patch, I can re-imagine arteries as skin turned inside out and shaped into a tube.

So here is how I would attack the plaque, based on what I've learned from shaving. What the hell, might as well throw in my opinions on alternative dental care, too.

Rainy Day, Mental Work and Aerobic Exercise -- Sex If You're Lucky

   Beans, tea -- solubilize cholesterol
   Carbohydrates: indulge in your refined food now, if you must
   Niacin supplement
   Clay for evening toothbrushing -- swallow some of the leftover slurry

   Like preshave, I would reinforce the endothelial tissues with deliberate hydration in lieu of lipids.

Sunny Day, Hard Work

   OJ, Vinegar  -- solubilize calcium
   Eat higher organisms: meat and eggs, greens
   Vitamin K
   Baking soda for tooth brushing

   The aim, as in shaving, should be to minimize exfoliation. Inadequately lubricated endothelium could split and become irritated, or worse, come off in chunks. My feeling is that alot of the sudden-death crowd are like our "I'd rather be epilating" types, where daily running is like everyday BBS.

Aspirin and fish oil as needed immediately for inflammatory response

   Of course we know to pop aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack. I think it should also soothe the "burn" of cardiovascular stress, as aftershave soothes the skin.

Day of Rest

   Vegetable Juice -- tissue reorganization
   Squash and dairy
   Coffee, nuts, chocolate
   Oil for tooth brushing

   Toning or chemically "exfoliating" skin in the evening helps bristle stand up in the morning. If we can get our blood vessels in order, they too should operate more efficiently. Potassium and phosphorus are like our post-shave moisturizer, best gotten naturally, but I do like to pop a potassium supplement when stiff muscles just don't let up.

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