Welcome to the Age of Enlightenment

Yes, I am talking to myself, primarily. And that's okay. I promoted my meticulously self-edited explorations of shaving from Posts to Pages, and further condensed what I've learned into an instruction sheet. Every blog needs a free download... I hope you enjoy these new features. I look forward to writing posts of limited scope, in a more relaxed style, from now on.

After a couple years trying to sell inexpensive DE razors at local flea markets, it has finally dawned on me that in real life, nobody cares about shaving. If one doesn't like having their skin planed by a cartridge every day, they can just let it grow along with the hair for a couple days, or have a shadowy shave with a disposable so calibrated, such as BiC Sensitive. With just water, under the shower. I get it. (Dad.)

Likewise, I am no match for the ceaseless scrolling of bulletin boards and other "communities." I did think about doing a YouTube. The only person I've ever seen shave in a manner similar to the habits I've gotten into is Steve Faragher, when he used a Merkur blade for nearly a month of shaves in a slant razor. I'll never join @#*!! Facebook, though. I'm not that stupid. I'd basically be obligated to tell off half my family in response to bigoted political spam. I remember AOL.

I'm about to turn 46; I remember mainframes! I got in trouble on them, too. In high school, I was a pornographer, even before the internet. Odd bragging point; but, the truth is, I am smarter than most, and that does make me "better," in the way that matters to stupid folk.

I find it interesting that that, too, was for the sake of art, and not money. From the other side, as a have-not, I have to concede, money also makes people "better." I've never wanted to admit it, my whole adult life, but it's true. Visiting various state parks to swim this summer, I estimated per capita income in relation to cigarette smoke. It is more pleasant to associate with people whose needs are previously satisfied, because "expedience is the beginning of disorder."

I like to think that Chinese people still realize there are three other steps from expedience to virtue; which is why they can sell perfectly functional razors for a dollar.

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