Cold Cream vs. Cold Cream

Segue from the theme of my hillbilly roots, lol. I grew up around dairy farms, and so when I see the words "cold cream" in old shaving references, I tend to think my fellow agrarians across time are talking about the real deal, skimmed off a vat of raw milk and chilled. Sour cream and yogurt are touted as post-shave treatments for razor burn, after all.

But Wikipedia says Greeks were whipping up emulsions of beeswax and water with oil since at least the 2nd century, and gives English sources using the modern term earlier than any shaving book I've seen, so I'm officially changing my presumption.

Still, wouldn't most men think of this strictly as ladies' makeup remover? It seems we've been thrown off a double curve. I'm not sure this helps, either:

Lots of us Dollar Tree shoppers have been dipping our brushes in this (completely latherless, don't do it) "shaving cream" of late. I mean, come on -- look how well it matches my Semogue 620! But no, it only has about as much to do with shaving as my equally stylish water spray bottle.

It is cold cream, and it sucks for shaving, though it is possible. I prefer Dermasil as a pre-shave option. This is not to say it's a bad product. I like cold cream! It's oil cleansing, lite. Very refreshing before bedtime, in this hot sticky summer. I totally decimated my nose pore clogs with this and a loop tool, wielded like a razor. And in this clever disguise, you won't have to turn in your man card to use it.

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