Flowers For Badgernon

My extracurricular life is exceedingly mundane. A stay-at-home Dad -- and blogger? wow! I know -- for more than a few years now, I trade the advancement of "classic shaving" on the neglect of children. My wife does the sort of honest social work that good people with reasonable intelligence do, concerned with justice for people with disabilities, and teaches on weekends. But rural Vermont is no-where f'in' near where the ship comes in; and with my lack of interest in housekeeping, I think most Americans would consider my standard of living as bordering on squalor. Well, no... the people with kids would be sympathetic. These are the times in which we live. Most of the people reading this would not be impressed.

I was well educated, however, in institutions established by the economically advantaged, for... well, everyone, actually. That's the beauty of education. A guidance counselor (Mr. Don Marcus -- thanks, man) saw the end of the tracks, and I got to go to private school. I showed my greatest promise in Physics, but what does that have to do with girls? Biology and Psychology fascinated me, and a good friend (Kevin Hill -- hey, buddy) set me up with some introductory reading on the latter. I wasn't enough Indian to go to Dartmouth for free, but I was poor enough to attend at a greatly reduced rate.

So when it comes to online profiles, I tend to click on "next." It's kind of embarrassing, and I wouldn't think it relevant. Until yesterday. After writing the previous disquisition on the geometry of shaving, I had yet another of those grand epiphanies that always strike whenever I think I have it all figured out. So I checked into the public forum, presented and developed my idea: that a linear function, most closely associated with barbers using an open blade, has been completely overlooked by the modern shaving community.

Just as I expected, the exchange was fruitful. The comment I especially appreciated mentioned gravity and the moon. I don't think the poster was even trying to be constructive. In the context of the dialogue occurring in my mind, it evoked memories from "Philosophy of Science," encompassing the the paradigm shift from the astrological-Ptolemaic view of the universe, where the Earth is in the center, to the truth we know today. I immediately understood that my observation placed me in a position analogous to the historical Galileo. We now need a Kepler to characterize and define the effect of a second epicenter in the motion of razor blades.

If anybody should have anticipated that thread being closed, it was I. Immediately attacked on personal grounds, being called a snob and a nerd, my defense was slow, progressively sharp... and censored with considerable bias. My grandmother may have been 1/4 Native American, but a lot of the rest was Scotch (sharp as a whip until her demise last year), and I'm especially fond of my French. I credit the authorities for not excommunicating me. I know nobody at B&B is holding their breath waiting for my apology, but there it is.

A few very avid readers may wonder whether I ever found an answer to the sociological question posed in the closed thread. Indeed I did: Club-Blade-Longevity-DE-SE-and-Injector?p=7317079#post7317079

As for the creepy trolls, from whatever source, comment here. Can't hurt a blog; will probably help my statistics. Friends also welcome. Be warned: I still don't care, and am turning my attention back to real life, so I may not check in much. The subject is personality, mine and yours.

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