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I'm focused on shopping, not selling, this Father's Day, with the biggest order of my life on the way from Italian Barber. It was hard work for me to make free shipping, but I've never been immune to communicable acquisition disorders, despite my good advice to others. Let us pause, for a review of the competing theories.


Skill appreciates minimal product
Marketing a mix of revolution and fraud
Soap < $5
Aftershave < $6
Razor $5 to $30
Made in China
Cartridges: BOO!
Canned Cream: Pooh-pooh


Purchases afford minimal effort
Social media strategy: charity and intolerance
Soap > $10
Aftershave > $12
Razor $30 to $200
Imported from England
Cartridges: Don't ask, don't tell
Canned Cream: You go to HELL!

Capitalism Rules

As dishonorable as individual marketers can be, the free market reliably provides escape from the ugliness of ideology. I'm beginning to understand how the great ones straddle the line. (Tip of the hat, Joseph and Michael.)

The Futur clone was an obviously envy-driven buy, along with the acrylic "Razorock BC Silvertip Plissoft" brush. I guess I can tell myself I needed a larger brush with some plausibility, and point to my other black-and-clear acrylic brushes to defend my style preference. But it's obvious from the reviews that I'm paying $5 extra for being late to the party, and that razor is a classic case of keeping up with the Joneses.

More stoically, I ordered a classic black Omega 49 to replace my rubber-smelling No. 6; I hope it's nice and stiff. I did my homework to fill the citrus-shaped hole in my soap collection with XXX Duro, and continue blade exploration with Voskhod. More soap from the Sensitive line, in a Fresco Verde scent, was a no brainer.

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  1. SPEAKING OF CHARITY: Pleading poverty, I intimated on my order form that now would be an ideal time to reward this particular customer. It all arrived by PRIORITY MAIL today, four days after ordering -- free shipping upgrade!

    Well, it's nowhere near Father's Day, so I set aside the razor, XXX, and synthetic so my kids can make appropriate offerings, in due course. I'll get right to the business of working that boar, and trying a new blade in the morning.

    The sniff of Fresco Verde was my instant gratification. Remember that time, I smelled "around" the citronella smell of Arko, and perceived a fine cologne? Here, I smelled deeply of a fine fresh citrus, and my mind wanted to identify Arko as an ingredient. One of these is going to be my favorite soap, I'm fairly certain.